Layers of Atmosphere

The atmosphere extends up to 1000km. above the earth. It is divided into five layers.

1. Troposphere: this is the inner most layer of atmosphere and is nearest to the ground. It extends up to 7km. to 17 km. above the earth. Most of the weather changes takes places here. Clouds, rain and smoke are formed in this layer. Living things can breathe comfortably in this layer.

2. Stratosphere: it extends from 17km to 50km. above the earth. The ozone layer is the part of this layer. Some planes fly in this layer to avoid weather disturbances.

3. Mesosphere: it extends from 50km. top 85 km. the meteors are burnt in this layer upon entering the earth’s atmosphere.

4. Thermosphere: this layer is the thickest layer of earth’s atmosphere ranging from 85km. to 800km. the space shuttle orbits lies in this layer.

5. Exosphere: this is the outer most layer where air gets very thin. Artificial satellites are launched into this layer. Beyond exosphere is the vast empty space.

Another layer called ionosphere overlaps both exosphere and thermosphere.