Identify the noun Exercise-1 with solution

Exercise 1: Underline all of the nouns in the following paragraph. If a noun appears more than once, underline it each time it appears.


EXAMPLE [1] Craters formed by meteorites have shallow floors and uplifted centers.


[1] Mercury is the planet nearest the sun. [2] Recently, data from spacecraft have shown astronomers that Mercury, like our Moon, is covered with craters. [3] The surface of Venus may also be cratered, but thick clouds of gas hide the landscape from telescopes. [4] Craters are formed when large meteorites, which are fragments of comets or asteroids, collide with a planet or a planet’s satellite. [5] Some of the craters on the Moon are 320 miles wide.



1. Mercury; planet; sun

2. data; spacecraft; astronomers; Mercury; Moon; craters

3. surface; Venus; clouds; gas; landscape; telescopes

4. Craters; meteorites; fragments; comets; asteroids; planet; planet’s; satellite

5. craters; Moon; miles