Circle the pronoun Exercise 1 with solution

Exercise 1. Each of the following sentences contains two pronouns. Circle each pronoun, and draw an arrow to the noun for which it stands.

1. Roberto passed the ball to Elena, who caught it easily.

2. Otis called his sister, but she didn’t answer.

3. When asked about the game, Mike said, “I didn’t see it.”

4. Since Gabriella found the money, the cash belongs to her unless it is claimed.

5. The children said they like the new bus driver who wears the blue hat.

6. Although Elliot studied French in school, he didn’t feel comfortable speaking it.

7. Denise brought sandwiches with her on the hike and carried them in a knapsack.

8. “I,” Jerry said, “surprised myself.”

9. Because Sheila enjoyed musical comedies, she tried to see them as often as possible.

10. Keiko enjoyed volleyball so much she played it every day after school.



1. who—Elena; it—ball

2. his—Otis; she—sister

3. I—Mike; it—game

4. her—Gabriella; it—cash

5. they—children; who—driver

6. he—Elliot; it—French

7. her—Denise; them—sandwiches

8. I—Jerry; myself—I (or Jerry)

9. she—Sheila; them—comedies

10. she—Keiko; it—volleyball