10th CBSE Resources & Development - MCQ Set 1

Multiple Choice Questions – Set 1

Q.1.Which are the main factors that determine creation of a resource?

  1. Nature and technology                         (b)  Nature and human  beings           (c)  Nature, human beings and technology (d)  Technology and human beings

Q.2.Fossil fuels are examples of which of the following types of resources?

  1. Renewable             (b) Flow                  (c) Biological                (d) Non-renewable

Q.3.Under which of the following types of resources can solar energy be categorised?

  1. Flow resource                                       (b)  Human-made resource         (c) Non-recyclable resource                       (d)  Exhaustible resource

Q.4.Which of the following is a human-made    resource?

  1. Petroleum               (b) Forests               (c) Machines                 (d) Land

Q.5.Which of the following resource is   non-recyclable?

  1. Coal                       (b) Iron-ore             (c) Copper                    (d) Gold

Q.6.On the basis of ownership, plantations can be better considered as which of the following types of resources?

  1. Individual resource                               (b)  Community owned resource         (c) National resource                                  (d)  International resource

Q.7.The oceanic resources beyond 200 km of the Exclusive Economic Zone can be termed as which of the following types of resource    ?

  1. Individual resources                              (b)  Community owned resources      (c) National resources                                (d)  International resources

Q.8.What is the main reason behind global ecological crises such as global warming and environmental pollution ?

  1. Depletion of resources                         (b)  Accumulation of resources in a few   hands         (c)  Indiscriminate exploitation of resources  (d)  Use of  resources

Q.9.What is necessary for sustained quality of life and global peace?

  1. Stopping  use of resources                    (b)  Saving resources for  future    (c)  Exploitation of resources                     (d)  Equitable distribution of  resources

Q.10.From which Five Year Plan has India made concerted efforts for achieving the goals of resource planning ?

  1. First Five Year Plan                              (b)  Fifth Five Year  Plan                (c) Annual Plans                                         (d)  Tenth  Five Year Plan

Q.11.Which of the following is the root cause for resource depletion at global level, according  to Gandhiji?

  1. Conservation  of resources           
  2. Use  of resources
  3. Greedy and selfish individuals and exploitative nature of modern technology.
  4. Backward technology.

Q.12.What was the main contribution of the Brundtland Commission Report, 1987?

  1. Sustainable development as means for resource    conservation
  2. Advocated resource conservation for the first    time
  3. Presented  Gandhian philosophy
  4. All  the above

Q.13.Which of the following regions in India possesses rich reserves of minerals and fossil   fuels?

  1. Plains                     (b) Mountains         (c) Plateaus                   (d) Deserts

Q.14.What is area sown more than once in an agriculture year plus net sown area known as?

  1. Permanent pastures                               (b)  Fallow lands             (c)  Net sown area                                      (d)  Gross  cropped area

Q.15.What is land used for grazing cattle and livestock known as?

        a. Forests (b) Barren land           (c) Pasture land           (d)  Fallow land