Refer t o the extract

Refer to the extract

1. “They gazed in wonder at the strange new visitor”

a.  Who are ‘they’? who is the visitor?

Ans.- In the above line ‘they’ represent Jane and Michael.

The visitor was their new nanny, Mary Poppins.

 b. How had the visitor reached the house?

Ans.- the visitor reached the house in a very unusual manner. She flew into their house and banged against their main gate. After that the wind lifted her up and flung her at the door of the house.

c. Why did they gaze at the visitor in wonder?

Ans.- They gazed at the visitor in wonder because she went upstairs in a very strange way. She slid up the banister with her bag in her hand and landed at the same time as Mrs. Banks. It was easy to slide down but strong to slide up that surprised the kids!!

2. Well, this is indeed a pleasant surprise”, a voice greeted them.

a. Who were being greeted? And who greeted them?

Ans.- Jane, Michael and Mary Poppins were being greeted by Mary Poppins’ uncle Mr. Albert Wigg.

b. Why could they only hear the voice and not see the person?

Ans- They could only hear the voice and not see the person as the person (Mr. Wigg) was floating in the air without holding on to anything near the ceiling.

c. Who do you think was more surprised the speaker? Or the one’s spoken to? Which line from the story tell you so?

Ans.- Both of them were surprised but the ones spoken to (Jane and Michael) were more surprised as they had seen a person floating in the air for the first without holding anything. A line from the text that justifies this answer is as follows:

“The children were so astonished that their mouths were wide open”.

3. “It’s award ofcourse” he continued but not unpleasant. Does this ever happen to you?

a. Who is the speaker? To whom is the person speaking?

Ans.- The above lines were spoken by Mr. Albert Wigg to Jane and Michael.

b. What awkward, but not unpleasant’ thing is the speaker referring to?

 Ans.-  The thing that is awkward, but not unpleasant was that as soon as some funny thoughts came to the mind of Mr. Wigg specially if it was Friday and his birthday he was filled with laughing gas and became like a balloon I and started floating in the air. No, this thing had never happened with the people the person was speaking to.

c. Did it happen to the people being spoken to?

Ans.- No, this had not happened with the people being spoken to who were Jane and Michael.

4. ‘we’re here and its there. Its an awful tragedy! But it terribly comic too!’

a. Who are ‘here’ and what is ‘there’? Also explain ‘here’ and ‘there’.

Ans.- The people who are ‘here’ are Mr. Wigg, Michael, Jane and Mary Poppins whereas the table with the tea was ‘there’. ‘Here’ means hanging in the air near the ceiling and ‘there’ means the floor on which the table was kept.

b. Why does the speaker refer to the situation as a ‘tragedy’?

 Ans.- The speaker refers this situation as tragedy because Mr. Wigg, Jane, Michael and Mary Poppins were floating in the air and the table that was ready for tea was down on the floor and they could not have tea and snacks.

c. What happened immediately after this?

Ans.- After this Mr. Wigg requested Mary Poppins to help him solve this problem and after a minute the table began to wiggle on its legs. Soon it soared up to where they all were, so that they could have their tea.