Transformation of Sentences

1. Being occupied with important matters, he had no time to see us. (Begin He was)

2. In the event of such a thing happening, I shall resign. (Begin Let…….)

3. He neither returned the goods nor paid the bill. (Begin Besides…….)

4. He escaped several times but was finally caught. (Begin In spite…….)

5. With your permission I will go away. (Begin If…….)

6. Industry will keep you from want. (Begin If …….)

7. I convinced him of his mistake. (Use mistaken)

8. You or I must go away. (Begin If …….)

9. It is surprising that he did not succeed. (Begin He…….)

10. 1 know what you told him. (Begin You told…….)

11. If lam right you must be wrong. (Begin Either…….)

12. But for the accident, they should have had a good picnic. (Begin If…….)

13. Nobody will deny that he is honest. (Begin Everyone…….)

14. Only a fool would believe you. (Use nobody)

15. We sow so that we may reap. (End …….sow)



1. He was occupied with important matters; and therefore had no time to see us.

2. Let such a thing happen and then I shall resign.

3. Besides not returning the goods, he did not pay the bill.

4. In spite of his escaping several times he was finally caught.

5. If you permit me I will go away.

6. If you are industrious you will be kept from want.

7. 4 convinced him that he was mistaken.

8. If you do not go away, I must.

9. He did not succeed, and this is surprising.

10. You told him something, and I know it.

11. Either I am right, or you are.

12. If the accident had not happened they would have had a good picnic.

13. Everyone will agree that he is honest.

14. Nobody but a fool would believe you.

15. We desire to reap therefore we sow.