Transformation of Sentences

In each of the following sentences, sentence A is complete but B is not. Complete sentence B. making it as similar in meaning to sentence A as possible. Write sentence B in each case (5)

1. (A) We would probably he asked to leave.

(B) The worst case ___________________________________________________________

2. (A) Ingratitude is the most detestable sin.

(B) There ___________________________________________________________________

3. (A) The employer was forced to call for an explanation from the manager when he personally saw him behaving badly with his subordinates.

(B) After having _____________________________________________________________

4. (A) In my opinion, you should reserve the table in advance.

(B) I’d _____________________________________________________________________

5. (A) Her parents persecuted her so she committed suicide.

(B) (Rewrite using persecution) _________________________________________________



1. The worst case could be that we would be asked to leave.

2. There is no other sin more detestable than ingratitude.

3. After having personally seen the bad behaviour of the manager with his subordinates the employer as forced to call for an explanation from him.

4. I’d advise you to reserve the table in advance.

5. Being subjected to persecution by her parents she committed suicide.