Dispersal of seeds

Definition: Scattering of seeds away from their parent plant is known as dispersal of seeds. 

It is very important to scatter the seed because each new plant need enough food, water, sunlight and space to grow.

       Agents of seed dispersal

  • Wind  :   Some seed are very light and have hair or wings. They are easily carried away by wind. Ex. Cotton plant, Mader and Dandelion.
  • Water :  These seeds are usually light and are able to float on water. Water plants like lotus, water lily and Hydrilla use water to scatter their seeds.
  • Animals : Hooked and spiny seeds are spread by animas birds and humans by sticking on their furs.  Ex.Cocklebur. Animal also eat fruits and drop seeds at various places like mango cherry.
  •  xplosion of fruits : Pods of some fruits like peas beans and balsam burst open or explode to scatter their seeds.