Food Habits

Animal cannot prepare their own food. They directly or indirectly depend on plant for their food. Different animals eat different kind of food. Some animals eat grass and plants only. Some animals eat flesh from other animals. Some animals eat both, plant and animals. On the basis of the food they eat, animals are classified as follows:



  • These animals eat plants or plant product only. They feed on grass, leaves and other parts of the plants. Animals like elephant, cow, buffalo, horse, goat and sheep herbivores.
  • Flesh-eating animals are called carnivores. Animals like tiger, lion and wolf are carnivores. They eat flesh from other animals.
  • They eat both plants and animals. A human being is an omnivores. Many birds and ants are also omnivores. Bear is fond of honey and twigs from plants. It may eat flesh too. Rat has a wide taste for food. Rats eat bread, butter, cheese and even flesh. Cockroaches are omnivores as they can feed on plant products like leftover food items, paper, excretory material etc.
  • They are small animals that depends on other living animals for their food. Mosquitoes live on blood that they suck from humans and other animals. Fleas, leeches and bugs are also parasites.