What is composition and function of General Assembly?


  • All the members of UN are members of General Assembly
  • Each member nation is permitted to send 5 representatives out of which only one is entitled to vote.
  • Assembly meets once a year.
  • Special sessions may be held during emergencies.
  • Decisions are taken by a simple majority and in important cases by a two-thirds majority.


  • Consider and approve United Nations budget.
  • Elect non – permanent members of Security Council of other UN councils and organs.
  • Appoint on recommendation of Security Council, Secretary General of UN.
  • Supervise the work of the other organs of UN.
  • Maintain international peace & security, including disarmament.
  • Alert Security Council when world is in danger.
  • Receive reports from UN and discuss them.
  • Discuss international problems & suggest solutions to the same.
  • Consider reports from Security Council and other UN organs.