Natural Vegetation-Give reasons-answers

  1. There is very little rain. The desert soil is coarse-grained and hence the rate of evaporation is accelerated due to the broad pores in the soil.
  2. The monsoon forest trees are hard and durable. They are used for furniture and construction.
  3. (i) Forests transmit moisture into the air by means of transpiration and induce precipitation. Forests turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and thus help to purify the air we breathe.

            (ii) The roots of plants and trees hold the soil and thus forests check or prevent soil erosion, especially in hilly areas. Hence they also help in checking floods.

  1. (i) The trees in the monsoon deciduous forests provide useful wood and are economically very important

             (ii) Trees like Teak and Sal are termite resistant woods.

  1. Forests are useful in agriculture in various ways both directly and indirectly. Directly, they supply wood for making farm implements. Indirectly, they help in keeping the climate humid, creating favourable conditions for rain.They are helpful in checking floods and preventing soil erosion.
  2. The Indo-Gangetic Plain is a fertile plain. Therefore, most of the plain has been cleared for farming. Secondly, the Gangetic Plain is a vast plain with different amounts of rainfall decreasing from east to west.
  3. They adopted to withstand large and heavy' snowfalls and shed snow easily without breaking limbs or some of them also have very thick bark to protect them from fire.
  4. Forest conservation is needed to prevent soil erosion. Forest conservation helps to save the habitat of the wild animals. It also prevents desertification, flood control, control soil erosion etc.
  5. They are found in the above region because these areas get less than 25 cm. of rainfall and average temperature of 25 ? to 27?.
  6. Forests are important natural resource because: (i) They provide timber, medicinal plants etc. (ii) They help in purifying air and giving rain.
  7. Tropical evergreen forests do not occur in pure stands. Also the forests are dark and dense so they are difficult for commercial exploitation.