Natural Vegetation-Very Short Answer Questions

  1. Which forest regions of India are also known as 'Rain Forests'?
  2. Write the names of the typical trees of the Evergreen Forests.
  3. How is it that the main regions of the Monsoon forests is the interior of the Southern Peninsula?
  4. What are Littoral forests or Tidal forests? Name the principal trees that grow in these forests.
  5. Give two characteristics of tidal forests.
  6. What are Sundarbans?
  7. Describe the type of vegetation found in the Deccan Plateau and in the Thar Desert respectively.
  8. Classify the following trees as Soft-wood and Hard wood trees: Fir, Pine, Teak, Spruce, Rosewood, Sandalwood, Chir, Sal, Shisham and Silver
  9. Give one important use of each of the following types of trees:(i) Sundri (ii) Sandalwood (iii) Rosewood.
  10. Name any three trees found in monsoon deciduous forests and state one use of each of these trees.

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