Simple Machines

Definition :   Simple machines are tools which makes our work easier and faster

Examples of simple machines are-

  1. Lever it is a rod or bar supported by fulcrum and effort. It reduces the the force by a push or a pull.
  2. Pulley is a small wheel with grooves around its outer edge. A pulley together with a chain or a rope is used to lift objects.
  3. The inclined plane is slop used to load or unload a hospitals and other building inclined plane is called Ramp.
  4. Screw is a simple machine used to hold things tightly together.
  5. Wedge is made with two inclined plane set face to face which meets to form a sharp edge.
  6. Wheel and axle is arrangement of wheels with a rod attached to it. It is used in vehicles, sewing machines, egg beater etc.