Simple present tense Exercise 1 with solution

Simple Present Tense – Exercise 1 with Solution

 Choose the correct verb in simple present tense.

  1. Jerry (come/comes) to school on time.
  2. Mrs. and Mr. Gupta (teach/teaches) geography.
  3. Milk (cost/costs) fifty rupees a litre.
  4. Grandpa (wash/washes) plates.
  5. Children (sings/ sing) in the assembly.
  6. Some people (bring/brings) gifts.
  7. Bees (sting/stings) when they are disturbed.
  8. Aarti (love/loves) dates.
  9. The boys (ring/rings) the doorbell.
  10. The dog (sleep/sleeps) on the sofa every day.



Answers: i. comes ii. teach  iii. costs  iv. washes v. sing vi. bring vii. sting viii. loves ix. ring  x. sleeps