Synthesis of Two Simple Sentence into one Complex Sentence using noun clause - 2

Combine each set of Simple sentences into one Complex sentence containing a Noun clause: -

1. You stole the purse. Do you deny it?

2. I am very sorry. I cannot adequately express my sorrow.

3. We have been deceived. That is the truth.

4. How did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose die? It is a mystery.

5. He will succeed. We expect it.

6. What have you done? Tell me.

7. We wished to know. We were going somewhere.

8. We were nearing some waterfall. It was evident from the distant roar of water.

9. A certain number of the enemy escaped. We do not know this number.

10. The two friends qurrelled. I want to know the reason.

11. He is a great orator. This fact cannot be denied.

12. Columbus made an egg stand on its end. I will show you his method.

13. I have seen this man somewhere before. I cannot remember the place.

14. He will arrive some time. I do not know the time of his arrival.

15 He distrusts his own sons. It is difficult to understand the reason.


  1. Do you deny that you stole the purse?
  2. I cannot adequately express how sorry I am.
  3. That we have been deceived is the truth.
  4. It is a mystery how Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose died.
  5. We expect that he will succeed.
  6. Tell me what you have done.
  7. We wished to know where we were going.
  8. It was evident from the distant roar of water that we were nearing some waterfall.
  9. We do not know how many of the enemies escaped.
  10. I want to know why the two friends quarrelled.
  11. The fact that he is a great orator cannot be denied.
  12. I will show you how Columbus made an egg stand on its end.
  13. I cannot remember where I have seen this man before.
  14. I do not know when he will arrive.
  15. It is difficult to understand why he distrusts his own sons.