Soil-Reasoning Questions-Answers

  1. Alluvial Soils are agriculturally important, as they are formed by the deposition of sediments brought by the rivers which gets replenished by the deposition of fresh sediment every year, and are rich in chemical nutrients.
  2. Deltaic alluvium (Khadar) is more fertile than coastal alluvium (Bhangar) as new layers are deposited year after year during monsoonal floods.
  3. Alluvial Soil is very fertile since alluvium is rich in mineral nutrients like potash and lime.
  4. Black Soil is particularly suitable for cotton cultivation. Therefore it is also called 'Black cotton soil'.
  5. When wet, the Soil becomes sticky and difficult to work with. So, the Soil needs to be tilled after the first rains.
  6. It is Black in colour due to high percentage of iron content.
  7. Red Soil is red in colour because it contains a great proportion of iron oxides. At several places, their colour has slightly changed and appears brown or grey.
  8. Red Soil is ideal for dry farming as it does not require moisture.
  9. Laterite soils are acidic in nature and has low water retaining capacity. It is poor in nitrogen and lime.
  10. Laterite Soil is not suitable for agriculture because of its high content of acidity and it cannot retain moisture also.