Soil - Very Short Answer Questions


  1. Which subject deals with the study of Soil?
  2. What do you mean by 'Soil'?
  3. What all conditions can alter the characteristics of Soil?
  4. Name the four major Soil types found in India, leaving out desert and mountain Soils.  
  5. Which two types of Soils are the most important Soils?
  6. What is meant by 'in Situ'?
  7. Mention two ways by which Soil can get nitrogen.
  8. What do you understand by Humus?
  9. Where are Alluvial Soils found in India?
  10. Name the Soil known for its self-ploughing quality and the capacity to hold moisture. Name any two cash crops for which it is specially suited.
  11. What is one disadvantage of Bhangar alluvium?
  12. (i) Which minerals are found in Regur Soil?
    (ii) Name the important crops grown on it.
  13. Name one important crop that thrives best in Regur and Red Soil, and a sea-port from where it is exported.
  14. How is the Red Soil formed?
  15. Name the soil which is formed due to high temperature and heavy rainfall with alternating wet and dry periods.
  16. Which crops grow well in Laterite Soil.
  17. In which areas is Soil erosion prominent in India.
  18. Mention the types of Soil erosion.
  19. What is gully erosion?
  20. How does erosion by wind take place?
  21. Mention causes of Soil erosion.
  22. How is man responsible for Soil erosion?

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