Synthesis of Sentences - Join two simple sentences to make one simple sentence - Using Adverbs or Adverb Phrases -1

Combine each set of sentences into one Simple sentence by using Adverbs or Adverbial Phrases: -

  1. I accept your statement. I do it without reserve.
  2. He answered me. His answer was correct.
  3. He forgot his umbrella. That was careless.
  4. He is a bad boy. This is certain.
  5. The train is very late. That is usual.
  6. I shall come back. I shall not be long.
  7. He kicked the goal-keeper. It was his intention to do so.
  8. He was obstinate. He refused to listen to advice.
  9. He spent all his money. This was foolish.
  10. He was not at the meeting. His absence was unavoidable.



  1. I accept your statement unreservedly.
  2. He answered me correctly.
  3. He forgot his umbrella carelessly.
  4. He is certainly a bad boy.
  5. The train is usually very late.
  6. I shall come back soon.
  7. He kicked the goal-keeper intentionally.
  8. He obstinately refused to listen to advice.
  9. He spent all his money foolishly.
  10. He was unavoidably absent at the meeting.