The brain


The brain is the control centre of the body. It receives information from all parts of the parts through varies nerves.

An adult human brain weighs about 1.4 kg. and contain millions of tiny is protected by hard bony skull. The space between skull and brain is filled with clear fluid known as cerebro-spinal fluid(CSF). It serves as cushion against jerks and injuries.

our brain is made up of three different parts

The largest part of brain is is dome shaped surface and has many ridges and grooves.

It controls the working of all the is known as the centre of intelligence. We can think, learn, remember and recall because of cerebrum.

Cerebellum lies below cerebrum. It coordinates the actions of muscles to balance our body and keep us in upright posture.

Medulla is bulb shaped part of brain which lies below cerebellum. It  connects brain to spinal cord and control involuntary actions like movement of lungs and heart.