The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost - Appreciation

The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost


  • "The Road Not Taken," is one of the most popular poems by one of the most famous American writers of the twentieth century, Robert Frost.
  • Most people have been faced with a fork in an actual road or path, and not been sure which path to choose.
  • We might pick the road that gets us where we want to go or one that takes us somewhere new, but either way, the road we choose takes us to where we are.
  • Just like trying to pick a path when we're driving or walking, we've all had to choose from different paths in life: which job to take, which college to go to……..the list of life's choices is endless.
  • And for every choice we make, there is a choice given up – the school we didn't join, the class we didn't take, and the words we didn't say.
  • One of the big questions we face is whether or not to take the well-beaten path – one that is taken by most people.
  • Is that the best choice, or should we be non-conformists and take the less-traveled route?
  • Years into the future, after making our decision, how will we feel about the path we've chosen?
  • Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken" is about these situations that inevitably present themselves in every person's life.