Types of joints

Types of joints

A joint is a meeting point of two bones held together by strong tissue called ligaments. There are several joints in our body.

All joints except those in skull are movable. The bones in the skull are interlocked, making the joints immovable.

The movable joints

The bones at the joints move smoothly because of a fluid which acts like a lubricant. There are four types of movable joints in our body.

The Hinge Joint- This joint is like the hinges in a door. It can move the bones in one direction. The elbow, knee, fingers and toes have hinge joints.

The Ball and socket joint- This joint allows maximum movement,one bone that ends ina ball fits into the socket of the other. Hip and shoulder joints are of this type.

The Pivot joint- This joint is found between the skull and the first two vertebrae of spine.

We can move our head sidewise, upward and downward with the help of pivot joint.

The Gliding joint- this allows movement at the wrist and ankle, and also between any two vertebrae of spine. It allows our back to bend, twist and turn.