Q. Answer the following questions: Up in the air

Up in the air

Q. Answer the following questions:

Q.1 Who lived at number 17, cherry tree lane?

Ans. Mr. and Mrs Banks along with their 4 children and their nanny Katie who suddenly disappeared lived in no.17 cherry tree lane. All you have to do to reach no.17 cherry tree lane is, ask the policeman at the crossroads. He will point his white gloved finger and say, ‘First to you right, second to your left and then right again and you’re there.

Q.2 Who was Mary Poppins? Describe her appearance.

Ans.- Mary Poppins was the new nanny of Jane, Michael and the twins. She was:

  1. Stern and strict
  2. Thin and had small peering blue eyes.
  3. Strange and humours
  4. Full of tricks and magic
  5. She had large feet and hands.

Q.3 Why did Michael think Mr Wigg was called so?

Ans.- Michael thought that Mr. wigg was called so because he wore a real wig.

Q.4 What brought Mr. wig and the guests down on the floor with a thud? Why did it bring them down?

Ans.- When Mary Poppins suddenly announced that it was time to return home, all 3 of them (Jane Michael and Mr wig) came down with a thud. It brought them down because they thought that they would have to go home and it was the 1st sad thought that entered their mind hence their laughing stopped and they became sad.

Q.5 Did the children enjoyed the tea party? Give reasons for your answer:

Ans.- Yes, the kids had enjoyed the tea party as it was their first experience floating in the air by magic. While floating they were eating snacks and tea. When they were coming back they were imagining the experience they had.