Practice.. and scale the heights of success! That Lasts

ICSEPAPERS is an attempt to fill in the void of lack of sufficient and quality practice material. There is no other alternative method to crack school and board exams but to practice, till one achieves perfection. Students able to face exams confidently and scoring better than they ever have is our measure of success.

Our Vision

icsepapers.com is a website whose objective is to provide students of 10th ICSE and 12th ISC with quality testing material. we would endeavour to provide chapterwise worksheet and full length test papers for self-tests during half-yearly, pre-board and board exams.

Our Approach

We also offer students the opportunity to post questions and get speedy solutions to their relative problems asked.

Our Goals

We intend to provide these materials not just for Mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology but also for geography, history, civics and english.