10th CBSE Resources & Development - MCQ Set 2

1.What is area sown more than once in an agriculture year plus net sown area known as?

  1. Permanent pastures                           (b)  Fallow lands                        (c)  Net sown area                                        (d)  Gross  cropped area

2.What is land used for grazing cattle and livestock known as?

  1. Forests               (b) Barren land       (c) Pasture land            (d)  Fallow land

3.What percentage of India’s geographical area is under    forest?

  1. 23 per cent       (b)  33 per cent       (c)  54 per cent             (d)  80  per cent

4.Which one of the following is the main cause of land degradation in states like Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and  Orissa?

  1. Deforestation  due to mining            (b) Overgrazing                      (c) Over-irrigation                                         (d)  Industrial waste

5.What is plantation of trees on a large scale to check soil erosion termed as?

  1. Afforestation                                    (b) Plantation agriculture                   (c) Terrace cultivation                                  (d)  Shelter belts

6.What is arrangement of soil in different layers or horizons known as?

  1. Soil Composition                              (b) Soil Erosion            (c) Soil Profile   (d)  Soil Texture

7.Black soil is also known by which of the following names?

  1. Bangar               (b) Khadar              (c) Regur                      (d) Laterite

8.Which of the following is the parent rock for black soil?

  1. Granite     (b) Kankar                            (c) Basalt                      (d) Sand

9.Which among the following is a type of resources classified on the basis of  exhaustibility?

  1. Biotic and abiotic                             (b)  Renewable and non-renewable             (c)  National and individual                          (d)  Potential  and reserves

10.Which one of the following soil is ideal for growing cotton?          

  1. Regur Soil                                        (b)  Laterite Soil                         (c) Desert Soil                                              (d)  Mountainous Soil

11.How much desired area is required for forest in our country?                 

(a) 16%                                                       (b) 20%                                  (c) 23.2%                                                     (d) 33%

12.In which of the following states is overgrazing responsible for land degradation?

  1. Jharkhand and Orissa                      (b)  Madhya Pradesh and  Rajasthan                            (c)  Punjab and Haryana                              (d)  Kerala  and Tamil Nadu

13.Which of the following method will not help in soil conservation?  

  1. Contour ploughing                            (b) Strip cropping                         (c)  Creating shelter belts                              (d)  Ploughing up and down the   slopes

14.Resources which are surveyed and their quantity and quality have been determined for utilisation are known  as :

  1. Potential resources                           (b)  Developed resources                    (c) Stock                                                       (d) Reserves

15.‘Laterite’ has been derived from the Greek word ‘later’ which means:

  1. Mountain           (b) Brick                 (c) Rock                        (d) Stone