Application of Convection

        Some important applications of convection are given below.

  • Ventilators and windows are provided in rooms for proper ventilation. The reason is that when we breathe out in a room the sir in the room becomes warm and impure. The warm sir is less dense i.e. lighter, so it rises up and moves out through the ventilators. Then the cold fresh sir comes in the room through the windows to take its place. Thus, the continuous circulation of fresh air keeps the air in the room fresh.
  • Chimney are provided over the furnace in factories. This is because the hot gases coming out of the furnace are less dense than the air. They rise up through the chimney. The smoke, fumes etc. around the furnace rush in so as to take their place and they are sucked out. Thus, the chimney helps to remove the undesired fumes, smoke etc. from the premises.
  • Land and sea breezes are formed at places near the sea. During summer in places near the sea, it is noticed that a breeze blows from the land towards the sea during the night which is called the land breeze and from the sea towards the land during the day which is called sea breeze. The land and sea breezes are actually the local convection currents.